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Surprising Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Protein

It is recommended that a person should consume 50% of body weight of protein daily. For example, if you have 60 pounds, you need to consume 30 grams of protein per day. Making the eating of protein a priority will help you burn fat faster and increase muscle mass. As a general rule, the more active you are, the more protein you need, and that’s because proteins are burned very easily and need to be renewed.

Proteins contains an amino acid chain, essential for body development. Amino acids are found in many foods, but especially in eggs, dairy, fish or meat. Nuts or hazelnuts also contain proteins.

Surprising Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Protein:


Amino acids are omnipresent in the body, and this involves the brain or neurotransmitters. Synthesis of amino acids leads to the production of dopamine or serotonin, responsible for memory and happiness.


Protein is a precursor to calcium absorption and helps to strengthen the bones. No wonder that too little protein in the body can cause fractures or even osteoporosis. Also, even muscle breaks may be due to this deficiency.


Concentration difficulties also implies many symptoms, such as fatigue, memory problems or inability to complete certain activities. Dopamine, epinephrine and serotonin are substances that help us to concentrate. If the level of protein in the body is too low, neither their level is satisfactory.


The lack of protein in the body creates you the need to consume foods rich in sugar. The result is the formation of a hormonal imbalance and an increased level of cholesterol.


A healthy digestion and a good metabolism require many amino acids. If their level is not enough for the body, digestion cannot work properly.


Dr. Joshua Ax explains: “Low levels of protein, high levels of sugar and carbohydrates or inflammation lead to hormonal imbalance, especially among women. Thus, occur fluctuations in menstruation.”

13 Clear Signs You Have Fatty Liver Disease

Liver is an extremely important organ for the body, located on the right side of the abdomen. Its primary function is to filter the blood that comes from the digestive tract before it reaches other organs. Liver also performs 400 other functions, from detoxification and metabolism to digestion and mineralization. At the same time, the liver releases the ball, which reaches the intestines. Find out 9 Clear Signs You Have Fatty Liver Disease because it’s very important to take care of it!


Here’s what symptoms that you have a fatty liver that doesn’t work properly:

– Diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain or bloating.

– Weight gain

– Chronic fatigue

– Allergies

– Migraine

– Digestive problems

– Exhaustion

– Excessive sweating

– Hormonal imbalance

– Muscle pain

– Negative emotions

– Bad breath

– Depression and anxiety

As we always put our liver to hard work because we eat unhealthy food, I think there are some times when we need to protect it or let it rest.

Read about the vegetables that detoxifies the liver, cleans the colon and really improves the sight! Today I will give you some tips to have a healthy liver!

– minimizes the consumption of processed foods and sugar.

– follow a balanced diet that contains healthy foods such as seeds, healthy fats, quality animal protein and probiotics.

– do not consume genetically modified foods

– eat garlic, onion, parsley, oregano broccoli, etc.

– consume cabbage because contains collagen.

– consume healthy fats such as avocados, red palm oil and coconut oil.

– do not consume inflammatory oils such as sunflower or corn oil.

– consume plenty of water, at least 2 liters per day

– do not drink alcohol and quit smoking!

Unexpected Side Effects Of Coconut Oil

The benefits of coconut oil are praised by most of nutritionists, but there are some side effects that it has on the body and specialists prefer to ignore them. In this article you will find out the unexpected side effects of coconut oil.

It increases cholesterol
Although it is often indicated in slimming diets, according to health experts, the effect of coconut oil is exactly the opposite. It is responsible for the increase of the total cholesterol and leads to fattening, according to the numerous studies made by American researchers.

Gastrointestinal discomfort
According to Dr. Bruce Fife, coconut oil can be consumed by the people with intestinal problems due to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. However, destruction of all bacteria in the stomach is contraindicated, leading to diarrhea and symptoms of irritable bowel disease.

Allergic reactions
Coconut oil can also cause allergic reactions, though are extremely rare. However, people who are allergic to peanuts may develop allergies due to the coconut oil. These side effects may vary in severity from skin sensitivity to rash, but if the whole body is allergic to coconut oil, then this can threaten your live.

However, were detected quite few cases with such side effects of coconut oil. People who suffer from allergy to coconut oil are usually allergic to the fruit too.

What Happens To Your Body If You Combine Your Coffee With Cigarettes

Smoking is an unhealthy habit, and some researchers think coffee doesn’t have too many benefits for our health too. Many people use to have a cigarette while drinking their coffee. Read this article to find out what happens in your body when you combine the two vices!

Smoking has a lot of negative effects on the body. It affects your lungs, your hair smells like smoke, nicotine reduces your appetite and doesn’t assimilate the nutrients you need, On the other hand, coffee consumption improves your mood and helps digestion if you drink it after a meal. In addition, it stimulates the activity of the intestines, so you can get rid of constipation easier. Coffee is not, however, indicated for those suffering from hypertension because one cup of coffee increases your tension with one unit.

Most of the time, people who smoke usually use to have a cup of coffee. A study made in 2004 tried to show how the body is affected by the combination of the two habits. Researchers focused on the aortic valve and how it affects young people who smoke and drink coffee in the same time.
The participants were divided into four groups: smokers who drank coffee, smokers who didn’t drink coffee, non-smokers that drink coffee and smokers who didn’t drink coffee.

The effect of the two substances was much stronger when were mixed than when they were assimilated separately. The aorta valve became much stiffer after a person smoked and drank coffee at the same time. To prevent premature death or the appearance of cardiovascular disease, you must keep your arteries as flexible as possible. If you get used to smoke while drinking coffee, a twice a year detoxification can help you get rid of toxins.

The Reason It’s Good To Eat While You Look In The Mirror

The secret of a perfect silhouette is right in front of you. See why it’s good to eat in front of the mirror. A recent study has shown that eating in front of the mirror makes you eat healthier.

Researchers at the University of Florida have found that people who eat unhealthy food while looking in the mirror can not find anymore these culinary delights so delicious. This attitude towards food occurs because people feel uncomfortable when they look at themselves while eating sweets or fast food because they are aware that they should make healthier choices. If you’re on the diet or just want to eat healthier, install a mirror in the kitchen.

Researchers came to these conclusions after 185 students participate at taste test. The participants were asked to choose between a chocolate cake and a fruit salad, then tasted them in a mirror room or in a mirror-free room. People who chose the chocolate cake were unhappy with the mirror room, while the young people who ate the cake in the room without mirror had no objection. Scientists claim that mirrors make the viewers to compare their behavior to social standards and what they know is right. An individual who doesn’t respect these expectations doesn’t want to look in the mirror because he is overwhelmed by a sense of failure. This attitude occurs only if the person in the mirror chooses his food because he becomes responsible for its health and its silhouette. Consuming healthy food in the mirror doesn’t cause the same discomfort and doesn’t make food untasty.

So, if you desire to eat healthier and to obtain a perfect silhouette, you should put a mirror in the place you eat.

How Your Brain Can Help To Heal You

 The human mind is extremely powerful and can help you ease your pain and even get rid of serious illness. Our brain is very very powerful and it’s time to learn how to use the gift that nature gave to us. In this article you will learn some tips on how your brain can help to heal you!

Focus on a virtual reality
Scientists have discovered ways to get rid of pain and how to can even cure yourself with the power of thought.  Numerous studies have shown that if you focus on a virtual reality, you can reduce pain by 15-40%.

Try hypnosis therapy
Hypnotherapy or hypnosis therapy is very effective for those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. Studies have shown that this form of treatment has proven very effective for 80% of patients who did not feel any improvement after taking medication. Under hypnosis, people can influence the rate of colon contractions, a process that can not be controlled normally.

Be positive
In experimental treatments, over 700 patients who were undergoing medical procedures such as biopsy or tumor removal experienced less pain and anxiety when they were encouraged and had a positive attitude. In addition, such an attitude reduces the occurrence of complications, and patients need fewer sedatives.

Discuss your problem
A study of 150 terminal lung cancer patients showed that those who discussed their problem had a better quality of life, they were not as depressed as those who had no one to talk to and live with .

Try not to get stressed
In an experimental treatment of 121 patients with multiple sclerosis, those who underwent stress control therapy had fewer brain damage and the disease progressed more slowly.

Studies have shown that people that practice meditation have a higher level of telomerase, an enzyme that protects against cellular aging.

This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Always Use Your Mobile Phone

Nowadays, the mobile phone has become a necessity, but you must not abuse its use. See what happens when you always use your smartphone. Nowadays, mobile phones are not just used to call and send messages, but they are a connection to the world around us. Although they are very useful, their use also has some side effects.

You become antisocial
A study conducted by the British researchers has shown that people have negative feelings about people who are talking to them while they are looking at their phones, according to Research has shown that those who use the smartphone all the time do not inspire as much confidence as those who do not use it so often. Try to stay away from the mobile when you go out, because it is respectful for those around you.

Increases the level of stress in the body
The fact that your phone constantly sends you messages or mail, stresses you, even if you do not realize it. A study conducted by the Swedish researchers showed that women who use mobile phone excessively are prone to trouble sleeping and stress, while men who have the same habits have an increased risk of depression.

The immune system becomes weaker
Did you know that your cell phone contains more germs and bacteria than the toilet cover? A study made by researchers at the University of London showed that there are dangerous bacteria on these devices, such as E. coli. You can limit your exposure to these germs if you use your mobile phone less.

Increases the risk of chronic pain
Swedish researchers have noticed that people who often send messages from their mobile phone risk to suffer chronic neck pain, back and hand pains. Repetitive movements can irritate the body’s tissue and cause inflammation that can lead to pain. Most people keep their head at 60 degrees when they use the phone, which is the equivalent of putting about 30 pounds of pressure on the neck and the spine. Try to keep your phone straight in front of you and stretch your neck muscles as often as possible to prevent health problems.

Genius Trick! Put Detergent In The Vacuum Cleaner Bag

You are a perfect housewife and you like to always have a clean house. You clean and polish all the objects in the house as often as you can, but there is an upset problem that you didn’t found a solution yet. It is the dust that rises in the air and the unpleasant smell that appears whenever you use the vacuum cleaner. Read this article and find out a genius trick that will solve this problem!

Although are on the market for a few years vacuum cleaners based on water, they can be quite expensive and are not always the most effective. Moreover, they are not so popular, and most often buying a new and expensive vacuum cleaner it’s not a priority.

Instead, if you want to have a nice experience when you use a vacuum cleaner, but you do not want to replace the one you probably gave a lot of money once, we have a very simple and very effective trick for you!

What should you do:

Option 1

Before use, put a little cinnamon in the dust bag of the aspirator. After you’ve done this all you have to do is use it as before.

Option 2

Before use, put a little laundry detergent (be careful not to be liquid – it must be a dust detergent) in the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner. Once you’ve done that, all you have to do is use it as always

Option 3

There are special pills for the vacuum cleaner bag. These are inserted into the bag and the smell will not be an unpleasant one anymore

Option 4

Before use, put a few lavender seeds in the vacuum bag. After you’ve done this all you have to do is use it as before.

The whole house will be covered with a fresh and pleasant odor, and the dust will not rise so easily.

Make Your Own Reusable Mosquito-Repelling Bracelet

Summer is the season when we should enjoy more time spent outside, breathing fresh air. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are our number one enemies, whether we go out in the park, to the terrace, to the beach, to the mountains or to the countryside. Find out how you can keep mosquitos away by making your own reusable mosquito-repelling bracelet!

How can we keep them away naturally? There are solutions that can be applied on the skin,  but some of them have bad smells or are even sticky. In addition, there are people who suffer from various dermatological diseases (eczema or psoriasis) and can not use these solutions.

How can you avoid mosquitoes naturally and enjoy the summer? Through a bracelet made by yourself!

Usually anti-mosquito bracelets are made of rubber and can be totally unattractive.

We propose you to make a textile bracelet.

You need:

  • 250 ml hamamelis water
  • 15 drops of lemongrass essential oil
  • 15 drops of citronella essential oil
  • 5 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 5 drops of mint essential oil

How to make: 

Add all the ingredients in a glass bottle and mix them very well, until you obtain a homogeneous mixture. Soak a textile bracelet in this mixture for 30 seconds and then leave it to dry.

Wear his homemade mosquito-repelling bracelet on your hand and its efficiency last 2-3 hours. In order to make the bracelet active and efficient again, repeat the process and then you can wear it.

The mosquito-repelling solution is also very effective if you apply it directly on your skin, because is made only with natural ingredients and cannot affect your skin.

The mosquito-repelling bracelet is a healthy and effective alternative!



How Much Water You Should Drink Depending On Your Weight

Our body is made up of 60% water, and in order to keep our health in a good shape, we must keep daily this proportion in balance. Most of us, however, make the mistake of drinking more water than our body needs, not knowing that this habit is actually unhealthy.

The amount of water we need to drink varies depending on our body weight. Because each person has a different weight, there is a formula that helps you to find out exactly how much water you should drink.

The required water supply is 40ml / kg / day. For example, if your weight is 55 kilograms, you calculate like that: 55 kg x 40 ml = 2200 ml. Note that this index refers strictly to water or unsweetened teas, not to other liquids such as soups and soups, juices, milk, etc.

Doctors warn that if we drink too much water, we risk having kidney problems, because excess does not protect organs anymore. In addition, experts say, that the excess of water is harmful to people who suffer from water retention or hypertension. The ideal amount of water for these people should be recommended by the doctor.

Using this report, specialists want to tell people that water should be drunk with measure too. Exceptions are the cases in which you do sports or the cases of people who face various diseases.

The simplest way to find out if you are properly hydrated is to check your urine. Take into account how often you go to the toilet and the color of your urine. On one hand, if the urine is light yellow, it means you are completely hydrated. On the other hand, if the urine is dark yellow and has a strong smell, it means you need to drink more water.


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