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Here Is What You Should Do If a Dog Attacks You

Dog bites are quite common, but how should one react when a dog attacks? Dogs don’t usually attack people, but there are various cases, and you should be prepared for anything. Specialists have a bit of advice of what is to be done in such cases:

Before attacking, a dog will bark, showing you his teeth, or he may stare at you and seem to freeze for a few seconds. You should pay special attention to dogs that seem scared or injured, as well as those that keep their tail parallel to the ground.

Here is a list of things that should be done when a dog suddenly starts barking:

-avoid eye contact

-don’t stand facing the dog, try to turn sideways

-cross your arms

-ignore the dog

-freeze for a few seconds, then move away really slowly

-try to find a barrier between you and the dog. Any car, bench, parked car will do the trick

What if the dog is clearly going to attack you?

-stand still, don’t move

-try calling for help, without yelling

-if there is nobody around you, get down to the ground, and try getting your knees as close to your chin as possible, protecting your face and neck from his bites

Should you adopt a friendly attitude?

-ignore the dog! It will eventually lose interest in your persona if you don’t try anything out of the ordinary. Trying to communicate will make him even angrier.

Should you use your pepper spray?

  • using the pepper spray on a barking dog is a very bad idea, it will only make him act more aggressive. Don’t try and fight back with aggression.

How should you act when you see the dog jumping to attack?

  • try and find any object he could bite instead of you, a jacket, a bag, anything could help
  • try and take shelter on a high ground such as a bench or fence, out of the dog’s reach.
  • don’t scream, it will make him even more aggressive
  • don’t try hitting the dog, this will boost his adrenaline levels and his rage will be worse. Stay calm, ignore him and try to walk away, but don’t turn your back towards him.

The Magical Formula For The Best Sleep Ever

Do you manage to get a good night’s rest? Or are you one of those people who never seem to get enough sleep? A famous fitness instructor shared his formula for the best sleep ever that boosts his energy all through the day. 10-3-2-1-0 is the magical formula for the best sleep ever. Do you know what it’s all about?

Craig Ballantyne spoke about his secret formula, saying it would imply a few changes, but all worthwhile.

 10 hours before going to bed your systems is cleaning itself, so try to stay away from Coca Cola, black tea and other energy drinks that could interfere with your sleep.

Avoid and stay away from alcohol and food especially with 3 hours before sleep.

2 hours before going to bed stop thinking about your work problems. They are not going anywhere, you will think about them tomorrow.

Turn off your computer and phone 1 hour before going to bed. Don’t give in to the temptation of checking your Facebook page, Twitter or emails.

Try to hit snooze 0 times in the morning. Wake up and get out of bed immediately after your alarm goes off. You will get used to it in a few days, and will feel better and refreshed if you will avoid hitting snooze and sleeping for 10 more minutes.

Get Rid Of Toxins While Sleeping With 1 Tablespoon Of THIS Before Bed

Garlic is considered a miraculous food containing some rare essential minerals such as germanium, selenium and tellurium. In addition, garlic is a rich source of vitamins, in its composition being mentioned vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, and minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, copper, potassium, iodine and calcium. Today you will discover how to eliminate toxins from your body while you sleep.

Cut two fresh garlic cloves and leave for 5-6 minutes to release an enzyme called allinase. Smash the garlic in order to be easier to swallow it. Before you go to bed, take a tablespoon of garlic; drink it with water. For a better taste, you can mix the garlic with honey. While you sleep, garlic will travel along the entire digestive tract, eliminating all the toxins, all carcinogens viruses and all bacteria that can harm your body. In addition, they will detoxify the liver of sulfur components, eliminating toxins and other heavy metals that are hazardous in the blood.

The next morning, drink a large glass of water.


Considering the fact that garlic is a powerful herb, 1-2 cloves of garlic consumed every day is enough to maximize results.
As mentioned earlier, garlic has blood thinning effects, this is one of the reasons why you should avoid consuming garlic in combination with other anti-clotting medicaments. Try to avoid to consume garlic in large quantities because it can cause diarrhea, bloating and anemia

The Easiest Slimming Diet During Summer

I cannot  say that is a diet in the true sense of the word – nutritionists recommend also eating regular food, but enter in your diet as much watermelon as you can. Do not think you’ll gain weight – on the contrary! Watermelon contains 92% water, so you will get rid of hunger and cravings for sweet and you take off those extra kilos.

Summer is the perfect period for this diet because you find watermelon at every corner, is cheap, you will always be hydrated and of course, you will look better.

What should you do?

Rule no 1: Quit drinking juices and eating sweet fruits and replace them with watermelon and water. Watermelon contains natural sugars necessary in a diet. In addition, the feeling of fullness that gives you will make you to get rid of overeating.

Rule no 2: Reduce your food portions. Continue to eat normally, but reduces the quantities in order to reduce calories and forcing the body to burn the stored fats. Complete your portions with watermelon. So you will not feel like forcing you to lose weight or stay hungry.

Rule no 3: Eat watermelon for dessert. We know it’s hard, but quit for five days of desserts full of calories and opt instead for a delicious watermelon. No calories, full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, is sufficiently sweet and refreshing – what can you want more?

This Japanese Method Will Help You Quickly Get Rid of Belly Fat

Japanese actor Ryosuke Miki found an interesting method that, after only two weeks, he lost 13kg and his waist was thinned with 12cm. The purpose of the exercise was not to lose weight but removing an annoying back pain, and the one who prescribed him this method was his doctor. In addition, you only need two minutes of your time each day.

 How it works

Ryosuke tells that the diet is based on expiration. The technique must be performed in a certain position and involves inhaling for three seconds, then strongly exhale for seven seconds.

More and more doctors support to use breathing exercises to combat obesity and explains why these exercises are so good: fat is made of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. When the inspired oxygen arrives in fat cells, they are divided into carbon and water. In addition, the more oxygen the body uses, the more fat burns.

What should you do:

Perform daily this exercise between 2-10 minutes:

– Stand up and put one foot in front and one foot in back.

– Tense your butt and transfer the weight of the leg support.

–  Easily breathe for three seconds while you raise your arms.

– Vigorously exhale for seven seconds, tensing every muscle in your body while you let your hands down.

Experts say that this technique strengthens the muscles of the body and increases metabolic rate.

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Cut Your Cuticles

Manicure is not only about to choose your perfect model for nails, but also to look healthy and groomed. And this involves taking care of the whole of hand, including skin and cuticles. Cutting cuticles is practiced in all wards, but is this and healthy? It seems not. In this article you will read about some reasons you shouldn’t cut your cuticles.

Cuticle links the skin and the nail, forming a bridge against infections. Therefore, their removal is not the best decision you can take. That is why we must leave uncut your cuticles!

Your manicurist has no idea what is doing – It may sound like a horror story, but at manicure special courses this process simply is not done. At the courses that future manicurists make, they learns to push nail cuticles to clean and remove the excess of skin, not to entirely cut the cuticle. Therefore, often, your nails look as if it had been hacked.

You allow germs to get under the nail – The cuticle is a bridge that protects the rest of the nail and skin. If you cut it , you do no more than show the germs the way into in your body. These seeds can be viruses, herpes, fungi, bacteria or warts. Does not sound too good, right?

The cuticles become painful, and may inflame – Your cuticles may look good few days, but then become red and painful. Also can appear white spots on the nail when the root is affected in the process of removing the cuticle. Sometimes the inflammation can turn into real infections because is a favorable environment for bacteria to develop. You even risk to lose your nails!

You have to keep to cut them all the time – If you think your cuticles growth process is too fast, then it is. Just because you cut them often, they tend to grow faster and increasingly unsightly. Some day you will think the some fish scales grow on your nails. The ideal solution is to push the skin under the nail and cut only the excess without going too deep. In this way, the is no infection risk and cuticles growth process is slowed.

Get Rid Of Joint Pain After First Application Of THIS Miracle Mixture

With ageing, health problems arise, one of which is the apparition of joint and bone pain. Pain is quite strong, so often represent a problem when it comes to activities of daily life. Ageing affects our health, especially when it comes to proper joint and bone function. This is a real problem because they support about 80% of body weight.

Joints are affected by incorrect body position or greater increase in weight. However, you should not panic because there is a quite effective treatment that help you with this problem. There are nno side effects and is completely natural.

The most important factor is to act in time to not let chronic pain or illness to advance too much.

Natural treatment below will save you!

• a teaspoon of ground pepper

• 1/2 cup of warm olive oil

• a teaspoon of ginger powder


In a recipient, put the pepper and ginger and hot oil, and blend until you obtain a homogeneous paste.

How to use it:

Apply the paste on the painful areas twice a day and leave it for 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes, wash with warm water and soap. This mixture has the ability to quickly calm the pain giving a feeling of warmth and relieve discomfort.

After daily use, after a period of time, the pain will disappear completely!

5 Reasons You Should Stop Wearing Bra

Social pressure and lack of confidence are the main reasons women wearing bra. Or maybe you are used to wear bra and feels strange not to wear it. Everyone wears bra, why I shouldn’t wear? This is the main impediment. Well, all women should know that they are free to do what they believe is best for them and to dress as they feel more comfortable. Today you will find out 5 Reasons You Should Stop Wearing a Bra!

You do not need a bra – Breasts have their own form; you should not change them using a bra. Why suffocating them with bras when they do not need this? Also, push-up bras give you an unsightly false image. Your breasts have the size they have from a very simple reason: it fits perfectly with the rest of your body. Why change this thing if you’re perfect as the way you are?

Your breasts will look much better – Bra affects the shape of the breasts. When it is too tight at the bottom, can influence how breasts grow and develop. This can lead to changes in their shape. We must let them free at least before they fully develop. Bras breasts are recommended only when they can not support their weight alone.

You will be more self-confident  – Knowing that you have nothing to hide, you will feel much better. This will give you more confidence in your skills, and men will certainly appreciate this. When you get into bed, he will not have any surprise.

Your breasts will be healthier – Especially when you sleep with bra, blood circulation is slowed, even blocked. This can affect your circulation and nerves in arms. Because bra can be stifling even while you sleep, and sleep quality will be affected. You may also experience itching and irritation. In some cases, occur even skin depigmentation and black spots.

You’ll feel much better – Try not to wear a bra at least three days in a row. You will observe that your mood will be much better, you will feel more comfortable and confident in your skills

Common Habits That Are Making You Smell Bad

Here is the following nightmare scenario: you’re dressed very elegant with the nicest clothes, scented with the essence of luxury and you realize an unpleasant odor floating gently around you, and its source of origin are exactly your armpits! If it happened to you to live these awful moments, certainly you’ve asked: “Why?” In this article you will read about some common habits that are making you smell bad.

You eat very spicy – Garlic keeps you away from diseases and spices give a sensational taste to food! However, they also have a dark side: they not too friendly with your armpits! During the digestion process, the spices are decomposed into sulfur-based gases, some of which end up in the blood and then are eliminated through the lungs and pores, an the effect that can last several hours.

Oral hygiene is limited to the teeth! – You never give up to thetwo sessions per day to brush your teeth. If you believe that your gesture is sufficient if you are wrong, because you not paying the same attention to tongue. Food residues can be found in your taste buds, causing bad breath. How to avoid this danger? Do not forget the mouthwash, and use toothbrushes equipped with a reserved space for cleaning the tongue.

You are too stressed! – The biggest trap odors stretch us? They have an ally to help them intervene in our lives, even in the most difficult moments; The stress. Currently, the stress; response involves not physical but intellectual challenges, which explains the combination of moisture and odors that compromise your flawless appearance during an important meeting.

Dangerous Objects Found In Your Bedroom

The bedroom should be that sacred space where we rest and recharge our batteries. However, our favorite room hides many traps that can be found even among the objects that we see as our best friends. You wake up tired, even though you slept over eight hours? You are always cranky and irritable without reason? You have nausea and other health problems and you can not explain? It is possible that source of this things to be right in your own bedroom!

Mattress  – You do not even remember when was the last time you changed the mattress in the bedroom or worse, you never did this? It is very possible to sleep on the most dangerous object in your room! A poor quality or old mattress will alter your sleep quality and will harm your spine. Perpetual fatigue, inattention, concentration problems and excruciating back pain: are some of the consequences of mattress!

Bed linen – Linen, especially the one that rarely is being changed is a protective shelter to mites! These microorganisms are dangerous to your health, being among the most common causes of allergies! Solution: change weekly bed linen and leave the bes undone while you prepare to go to work, in order to refresh the sheets!

Plants – Yes, you read right! These miracles health objects can turn into a dangerous item kept in the bedroom. The main risk is the strong smelling of some flowers, such as orchids, that can cause you allergies and insomnia.

TV – Old televisions emit radiation, but that is not the main problem. The simple fact that you watch TV until late,  will alter your sleep, turning you into a walking zombie the next day.

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