The Meaning Of Letter M On Your Palms

Palmistry is an old method of predicting the future and the interpretation of a person’s personality from the pattern of hands’ lines. Sometimes these lines can form even numbers and letters. One of these letters can be the letter M, whose significance has been investigated by many occultists.

As many believe, the lines in the palm reveals our character and destiny. The letter M is assigned to truly special people. They are endowed with an extraordinary intuition and represents the ideal partners for any business.

If you the people you love have the special letter M on the inside of the palm, you have to know the fact that you can not scoff and you can not lie or deceive in any way that person. Being highly intelligent and intuitive, people with the letter M in the palm easily realise they are lied or deluded.

Women who have the letter M in the palm have a stronger intuition than men, even than those who own this letter.

They are endowed with the power to manage and traverse any obstacles in life, and know how to exploit the resources and opportunities that are offered.

The letter “M” in your palm can also signifies:

• Leadership skills

• Wealth

• Cheer

• Excellent opportunities

According to popular tradition, this sign is characteristic to the prophets. So, if you wear this sign in your hand, you are truly a special person!