The Magical Formula For The Best Sleep Ever

Do you manage to get a good night’s rest? Or are you one of those people who never seem to get enough sleep? A famous fitness instructor shared his formula for the best sleep ever that boosts his energy all through the day. 10-3-2-1-0 is the magical formula for the best sleep ever. Do you know what it’s all about?

Craig Ballantyne spoke about his secret formula, saying it would imply a few changes, but all worthwhile.

 10 hours before going to bed your systems is cleaning itself, so try to stay away from Coca Cola, black tea and other energy drinks that could interfere with your sleep.

Avoid and stay away from alcohol and food especially with 3 hours before sleep.

2 hours before going to bed stop thinking about your work problems. They are not going anywhere, you will think about them tomorrow.

Turn off your computer and phone 1 hour before going to bed. Don’t give in to the temptation of checking your Facebook page, Twitter or emails.

Try to hit snooze 0 times in the morning. Wake up and get out of bed immediately after your alarm goes off. You will get used to it in a few days, and will feel better and refreshed if you will avoid hitting snooze and sleeping for 10 more minutes.