Homemade Cellulite Scrub

Any cellulite treatment has limited effect. But no matter how disarmingly sounds, with proper and continuous care you can prevent  the expansion of cellulite. I use a popular treatment that is very cheap and you can prepare it at home. It think it;s the best treatment for cellulite. Try my cellulite scrub recipe

Ingredients and procedure: What you need for this treatment ? Half a cup of coffee, a quarter cup of brown sugar and some olive oil. Treatment is simple: wet your skin, then apply olive oil on cellulite areas. Continue massaging the skin with coffee and sugar mixture using circular motions for several minutes. I prefer to mix them all from the beginning.

The essential condition: As you can see, the treatment is simple, but the if you want to see a result, you must reapply scrub weekly for several months. Otherwise … just after a use or two you’ll not see any changes.