Here Is What You Should Do If a Dog Attacks You

Dog bites are quite common, but how should one react when a dog attacks? Dogs don’t usually attack people, but there are various cases, and you should be prepared for anything. Specialists have a bit of advice of what is to be done in such cases:

Before attacking, a dog will bark, showing you his teeth, or he may stare at you and seem to freeze for a few seconds. You should pay special attention to dogs that seem scared or injured, as well as those that keep their tail parallel to the ground.

Here is a list of things that should be done when a dog suddenly starts barking:

-avoid eye contact

-don’t stand facing the dog, try to turn sideways

-cross your arms

-ignore the dog

-freeze for a few seconds, then move away really slowly

-try to find a barrier between you and the dog. Any car, bench, parked car will do the trick

What if the dog is clearly going to attack you?

-stand still, don’t move

-try calling for help, without yelling

-if there is nobody around you, get down to the ground, and try getting your knees as close to your chin as possible, protecting your face and neck from his bites

Should you adopt a friendly attitude?

-ignore the dog! It will eventually lose interest in your persona if you don’t try anything out of the ordinary. Trying to communicate will make him even angrier.

Should you use your pepper spray?

  • using the pepper spray on a barking dog is a very bad idea, it will only make him act more aggressive. Don’t try and fight back with aggression.

How should you act when you see the dog jumping to attack?

  • try and find any object he could bite instead of you, a jacket, a bag, anything could help
  • try and take shelter on a high ground such as a bench or fence, out of the dog’s reach.
  • don’t scream, it will make him even more aggressive
  • don’t try hitting the dog, this will boost his adrenaline levels and his rage will be worse. Stay calm, ignore him and try to walk away, but don’t turn your back towards him.