What Happens With Your Body If You Have Morning Sex

Love makes the world go round and everything seems better when you’re in love and your heart is happy. Did it ever occur to you that love is the perfect side dish to your breakfast?Careful conducted studies have shown that intercourse in the first hours of the day make you more effective at work, have tons of health benefits and will assure you with just the perfect amount of happiness and energy for the entire day.

Are you ready to use this as an excuse the next time you are late for work?

Intercourse in the morning is the most pleasant exercise you could be doing, this will reduce significantly the risk for blood pressure problems and it will keep headaches away for the entire day.

The effort will also fill your lungs and body with oxygen that will keep you full of energy throughout the day, making you more active and creative.

Sex is the best make-up trick you can use as well. It will boost your estrogen production making sure your hair and skin have that amazing glow you love so much! Skip your expensive beauty treatments for some homemade magic and enjoy the benefits.

So, next time you set up your alarm, make some time for sex in the morning!

On the plus side, it will pleasantly surprise your partner and he will benefit from it as well! The connection between you and your partner will be even stronger after deciding to wake up like this, and your couple will see the same advantages as your health.

Remember the health benefits go both ways, your significant other will also enjoy a productive day with less stress and more creativity and great energy.

Share your love and show your care with a little bit of affection in the morning!