Goiter Causes And How To Eliminate It

Goiter is very unsightly when increases, and the causes are not always related to the fattening or aging. Often, certain mistakes which are leading to the formation of unsightly goiter or simply ignoring certain health problems, will make it look worse over time. Instead of plastic surgery that can reduce its size, it is much easier to prevent the problem with a little care! Find out the causes of the goiter, and what can you do to avoid it even at an older age!

You don’t care to extra pounds – The first and most obvious mistake that leads to the formation of goiter is fattening. People facing with obesity always have a large goitre, but this is one of the smaller issues that should concern them. Unfortunately, not always when you lose weight you lose the goiter too, in which case it takes a series of special exercises and if they do not work, surgery is necessary .

You don’t make exercises for face and chin
A goiter formed due fattening or genetic predisposition can be treated or prevented by few simple exercises specifically designed for this body part. One of the biggest mistakes we make is that we don’t exercises for face and chin.

Consume too much salt – It is hard to find a link between salt intake and the formation of goiter. Problems arise because our diet contains too much sodium. Salt leads to water retention and dehydrates the body, increasing blood pressure and kidney overloading. The more salt you eat, the more water you risk to retain on the face area, especially under the eyes and the goiter.

You don’t check the thyroid – If you started gaining weight for no apparent reason and you fail in any way to remove the excess pounds, it is possible to have a thyroid problem. Besides the fat that accumulates on the neck area, goiter appearance may be worsened by the fact that the lymphatic system is not working properly, leading to swollen lymph nodes.