Dangerous Objects Found In Your Bedroom

The bedroom should be that sacred space where we rest and recharge our batteries. However, our favorite room hides many traps that can be found even among the objects that we see as our best friends. You wake up tired, even though you slept over eight hours? You are always cranky and irritable without reason? You have nausea and other health problems and you can not explain? It is possible that source of this things to be right in your own bedroom!

Mattress  – You do not even remember when was the last time you changed the mattress in the bedroom or worse, you never did this? It is very possible to sleep on the most dangerous object in your room! A poor quality or old mattress will alter your sleep quality and will harm your spine. Perpetual fatigue, inattention, concentration problems and excruciating back pain: are some of the consequences of mattress!

Bed linen – Linen, especially the one that rarely is being changed is a protective shelter to mites! These microorganisms are dangerous to your health, being among the most common causes of allergies! Solution: change weekly bed linen and leave the bes undone while you prepare to go to work, in order to refresh the sheets!

Plants – Yes, you read right! These miracles health objects can turn into a dangerous item kept in the bedroom. The main risk is the strong smelling of some flowers, such as orchids, that can cause you allergies and insomnia.

TV – Old televisions emit radiation, but that is not the main problem. The simple fact that you watch TV until late,  will alter your sleep, turning you into a walking zombie the next day.