Common Habits That Are Making You Smell Bad

Here is the following nightmare scenario: you’re dressed very elegant with the nicest clothes, scented with the essence of luxury and you realize an unpleasant odor floating gently around you, and its source of origin are exactly your armpits! If it happened to you to live these awful moments, certainly you’ve asked: “Why?” In this article you will read about some common habits that are making you smell bad.

You eat very spicy – Garlic keeps you away from diseases and spices give a sensational taste to food! However, they also have a dark side: they not too friendly with your armpits! During the digestion process, the spices are decomposed into sulfur-based gases, some of which end up in the blood and then are eliminated through the lungs and pores, an the effect that can last several hours.

Oral hygiene is limited to the teeth! – You never give up to thetwo sessions per day to brush your teeth. If you believe that your gesture is sufficient if you are wrong, because you not paying the same attention to tongue. Food residues can be found in your taste buds, causing bad breath. How to avoid this danger? Do not forget the mouthwash, and use toothbrushes equipped with a reserved space for cleaning the tongue.

You are too stressed! – The biggest trap odors stretch us? They have an ally to help them intervene in our lives, even in the most difficult moments; The stress. Currently, the stress; response involves not physical but intellectual challenges, which explains the combination of moisture and odors that compromise your flawless appearance during an important meeting.