How To Choose The Perfect Eye Shadow For Your Eye Color

Eye shadows are meant to enhance your eyes, put them in focus and attract all the attention towards your mysterious, playful or dreamy eyes. Pay attention to your eye color when choosing eye shadows and keep in mind there are a few simple guidelines to creating the perfect color combinations that will make you look your best!

It is always easier to buy eye shadows that come together with a few other options, so as to have lighter and darker shadows in the same mix.

Intense colors are perfect for creating a dramatic look, while the kohl eyeliner will give your eyes a certain depth, no matter what other colors you choose to use.

If you are the proud owner of green eyes, don’t be afraid to play with lilac/lavender, purple, peach, coral, pink, gold, plum colors that will all enhance your look. You can go for bold green such as kaki, emerald or olive that will all make your eyes pop! Don’t forget about the magic mascara to complete your look.

Hazel eyes are for the lucky ones, and there are few colors that don’t go with these amazing eyes. Apply with confidence all warm, earth-toned colors that will bring out the best in your hazel eyes.                                                                                                        Experiment with colors and combinations and don’t be afraid to try on pink, plum or electric blue! There are basically no colors that don’t match hazel eyes, keep this in mind!

Black eyes go hand in hand with grey, gold, light blue and beige for a day make up. In the evening you can switch them up for more intense colors such as emerald, deep plum or dark blue. Adding some sparkly textures of gold or silver will complete the look. Stay away from matte and dark colors if you want to avoid getting an older appearance.


If your eyes are blue, just like the ocean, use darker colors that will intensify your blue color. Smokey eyes will be a perfect choice for an evening make up. During the day, go for warmer colors such as beige, gold, grey, silver, turquois or even plump.

Some other useful tips and tricks include not applying makeup with contact lenses on and covering the dark circles under the eyes with powerful concealers so as not to ruin the overall look of the eye.