Choose The Best Plant For Every Room In Your House

Benefits of plants should make each of us to have something green and living in our home. The primarily role of plants is a decorative one¬†but the benefits do not stop at this role. There are plenty of other reasons of why you need to plant around you. You still don’t know what plant you should pun in every room? Find right now!

Bathroom: orchid, Boston fern and aloe vera

Bathroom does not get too much natural light. Instead, in bathroom is a high level of humidity, which transform it in the perfect place for plants that love humidity. So, it is recommended to put in your bathroom plants like orchid, Boston fern or aloe vera.

Kitchen: lettuce, kale and herbs

All you need is a small window with natural light to grow a lot of fresh ingredients such as basil, rosemary and thyme. Other options for your kitchen, but that require much water are the elephant ear or multicolored begonias.

Living room: dracena, philodendron and ficus

Usually, living room is a room with a lot of light. Also, when you choose plants for living room, you should take into consideration to be resistant to hot temperature without losing their leaves too fast.

Bedroom: The English ivy, peace lily and palm

It is the place where you sleep, so it has to be as Zen as possible: But in this room you do not like a lot of light or humidity, so you must choose wisely. Try an Areca palm, which adds moisture into the air or peace lily or an English ivy – all terms and conditions, thrive in heat and dryness

Little room without windows: succulent plant

It is possible to add some green plants in the room without windows. Succulent plant is the best choice since it does not require much care and can develop without being exposed to the sun.