6 Simple Things That Will Make You Smarter

Intelligence can be stimulated every day, so you should include in your daily routine some simple habits that will help you to develop your intelligence. Do not ever lose your self-confidence, especially since you can regularly evolve to become smarter. Discover six simple things that will make you smarter with each passing day!

Drink water after you wake up – Given that you sleep around 6-9 hours, depending on the situation, your body is dehydrated. A glass of water will compensate the overnight deficiency of liquid. Water consumption improves brain function, so you should start your day with this healthy principle of living.

Read a book at breakfast  – Take advantage of free moments you have when you have breakfast to read a book. Whether it’s your favorite romance novel or a book about personal development, you can read only a page. You’ll feel “rich” when you end your meal.

Drink green tea while you work – In order to take your dose of energy when you work, you use to drink a cup of coffee? Replace it with green tea. While coffee makes you become anxious, green tea stimulates the brain, helping you to focus better.

Take a nap during the day – A nap helps you to rest and relax your mind, so, in this wau you’ll retain more easily the information you learned. Even if you fail to fall asleep, will be nice to lie on the bed and hold on with eyes closed in the afternoon. You’ll be more productive after this break.

Choose PC games instead movies – Watching a movie is a passive activity, while computer games can stimulate your brain. Opt for ones that challenges you, to learn new information and to find solutions.

Makes Sport/Exercises – Exercises stimulates the brain functions by improving blood circulation in this area of the body. It’s not necessarily to do an intense workout at the gym to become smarter, but it’s enough to do two to three sets of squats or crunches. Not only that you will be fit, but you’ll be smarter.