5 Signs You Are Dating An Emotional Psycho

Love is blind and sometimes we like to deceive ourselves that our partner will change and he is not to be blamed for the difficulties we encounter in our relationship. Truth is, if you need to tell this to yourself, chances are, your relationship is already doomed. Analyze his behavior and see if they match any of the ones that characterize an emotional psycho.

  1. They never carry any fault for what is happening, you are always the one to blame for anything bad!

These are the people that cannot admit they were wrong and it was their mistake. They will try to make you the responsible one no matter the situation.

  1. They are constantly lying, trying to make you feel bad.

They use lies as a method of control, making you feel bad gives them power and pleasure.

  1. They blame you for their failure.

This is the behavior of a mentally ill person. He is incapable to take responsibility for his own actions and will blame you for any failure they experience in their lives. Don’t think they are capable of understanding what you are feeling, because your feelings are not important to them.

  1. They diminish your dignity as much as possible.

If you feel they are using you as a housekeeper or a cook, chances are, this is indeed so, because you are there to satisfy their needs. Your feelings of love and respect mean nothing to a partner like this because he is no longer looking for love and affection, but for a servant.

  1. They forbid you to communicate with other people.

This is the most obvious sign. They are limiting communications with friends and family, so as to have you all to themselves. These people are selfish and it is better to stay away from them!