5 Reasons You Should Stop Wearing Bra

Social pressure and lack of confidence are the main reasons women wearing bra. Or maybe you are used to wear bra and feels strange not to wear it. Everyone wears bra, why I shouldn’t wear? This is the main impediment. Well, all women should know that they are free to do what they believe is best for them and to dress as they feel more comfortable. Today you will find out 5 Reasons You Should Stop Wearing a Bra!

You do not need a bra – Breasts have their own form; you should not change them using a bra. Why suffocating them with bras when they do not need this? Also, push-up bras give you an unsightly false image. Your breasts have the size they have from a very simple reason: it fits perfectly with the rest of your body. Why change this thing if you’re perfect as the way you are?

Your breasts will look much better – Bra affects the shape of the breasts. When it is too tight at the bottom, can influence how breasts grow and develop. This can lead to changes in their shape. We must let them free at least before they fully develop. Bras breasts are recommended only when they can not support their weight alone.

You will be more self-confident  – Knowing that you have nothing to hide, you will feel much better. This will give you more confidence in your skills, and men will certainly appreciate this. When you get into bed, he will not have any surprise.

Your breasts will be healthier – Especially when you sleep with bra, blood circulation is slowed, even blocked. This can affect your circulation and nerves in arms. Because bra can be stifling even while you sleep, and sleep quality will be affected. You may also experience itching and irritation. In some cases, occur even skin depigmentation and black spots.

You’ll feel much better – Try not to wear a bra at least three days in a row. You will observe that your mood will be much better, you will feel more comfortable and confident in your skills