3 Common Mistakes Everyone Does When Using Toilet Paper

If you often suffer of urinary or genital infections, one of the reasons can be that you use the toilet paper wrong. Unfortunately, not many people are aware by the fact the improper use of toilet paper means improper hygiene, that most of the times leads to infections.

These are more common mistakes that you should make them and you are not aware of them. Unfortunately, these mistakes are not inoffensive. In this article you will find out 3 common mistakes that many persons make them when using toilet paper. Let”s find them:

You stay too much time on the toilet

Sometimes, when you sit on the toilet for a long time, this leads to apparition of haemorrhoids, because of the tension of staying too long. Try to avoid doing this or at least take a few breaks by getting up and walking a bit.

You wipe too much

Toilet paper irritate the perineal skin and leads to irritation and itching. If you wipe twice is enough. But if you need to wipe more, it means that you have not completely emptied bowels. Always use soft toilet paper without perfumes and additional colors, because it is less irritate the skin. You can also use a bidet. It is more indicated.

You wipe wrong

Many women make this mistake: wipe from the back in front. In this way you transfer the bacteria from rect to urethra. Unlike men, women have a much shorter urethra so, the bacteria quickly and easily reach the bladder and cause infection.