10 Habits That Can Ruin Your Relationship

Many of us go wrong the foot in a relationship and get out the same way. Often, mistakes are not intentional, but end up being the real issues that divide couples. There are many issues involved in human relationships and these can be avoided if we take into account issues that may mean more than we imagine. Many of us make mistakes to our partners, but it is important to realize this before it is too late.

1. You are financial irresponsible

Money was always a problem, and often, many couples broke up because of them. Our partners will stay beside¬†stable people and secure them, not beside people who are throwing money. If you fail to collect the money that you have, you always borrow, you always have debts with no financial security, this might affect your relationship, because you think you will be with that person all the life and you don’t want it like that.

2. You don’t have other activities outside the relationship

Many people are giving up friends and activities they had before to have a relationship and start to live only for their partner. This can suffocate the one next to you. People need diversity, and how he has friends, you should have too. Eventually, you can not just go out with your partner friends! This harms your relationship. Besides that, you begin to suffer of anxiety and paranoia, because you can not control everything that happens.

3. You are addicted to the relationship and partner

Dependence in a relationship is extremely dangerous for a couple. Each individual needs his free time, his moments of his feelings. Everyone needs to live separately, at least a few hours a day. If the center of your existence is your partner, then this is totally wrong.

4. You act like you’re alone

Although you are in relationship, you act as if you have no one in your life and let the feeling of being alone and you pursuit of happiness. At some point, this will affect the couple and your partner could fulfill your desire.

5. You are uncertain and too sensitive

Uncertainty and excessive sensitivity brings nothing good. People look for strong people to help them in difficult times.

6. You’re not loving / affectionate

Love is a must

7. You become too nag or you criticise too often

Try not stressing your partner and with all kinds of existing problems, or little things that you can solve without help. Nor criticize every move, because partner, needs people to support him, not to sit all day on his head.

8. Forget to communicate

Communication is very important in a relationship. If you forget to share things with your partner then the relationship deteriorates with time.

9. You are not honest

Honesty is the best thing First, be honest with you, and then with him / her. A relationship based on interest is not healthy for either partners.

10. You react after the first impulse and you lie

If you lie and you are always slightly irritated, maybe you should calm down and find the method by which you can say things as they are without scandal or lie.