4 Simple Secrets To Eat Less

Eating in excess is one of the main causes of obesity and the enemy of any diet, but this habit doesn’t only affect your physical appearance. In the long run, excess eating can lead to the development of cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis and diabetes.

Eating smaller portions is an effective strategy, but it’s possible to eat less without feeling hungry for a whole day.

Plan your meals!
Big changes in diet don’t start in the kitchen, start at the behavioral level. In order to eat less and make healthier choices, decide what your lunch or dinner menu will be in advance instead of choosing your food just before eating it.

Buy smart
When you go shopping, use your purse or a scarf to split the trolley in half. Fill the front of the trolley with healthy vegetables and foods and reserve the section closer to you for your favorite snacks. You already know that the feeling of hunger during shopping, that can make you buy everything in the store, and of course, eating very much when you arrive home.

Focus on satiety, not quantity
Quantification of calories is not always an exact system, but there are some secrets that will help you eat less, without embarrassing yourself. A diet is less likely to turn into a healthy lifestyle if you perceive it as a period of full restrictions that you only think about cheesecake, so forget about counting calories and focus instead on the of satiety offered by food.

Order half a portion

Even if you’ve managed to live up to your nutritional plan and cook well, taking dinner in town is always a challenge when you’re on the diet. Fresh salads are not the only solution! Make balanced choices by choosing a healthy meal: fresh vegetables, lettuce and fruit are a great option. Also, some restaurants allow you to order half a portion, dividing the same meal for two. If the restaurant doesn’t accept serving half a portion, ask the waiter if he can pack your the rest for later.

How To Keep Your Allergies Away!

Allergy is an abnormal (an acute sensitivity) reaction of the immune system to certain substances called allergens that are harmless to healthy organisms. Allergic reactions may be caused by a variety of allergens: pollen, mites, dust, mold, animal hair, metals (nickel, cobalt), cosmetics (ethylenediamine – a substance contained in hair dyes), food (peanut butter, dairy products, etc.), household products (chlorine used in the composition of laundry bleaches), medicines (aspirin, penicillin, sulfamide, procain)

How to keep your allergies away:

  1. Avoid outdoor activities in the morning, when the pollen density is very high, or wear a nose and mouth protection mask.
  2. Don’t use synthetic fabrics: due to friction, produce an allergen-attracting electrostatic field.
  3. Keep as much as possible doors and windows closed during the spring, including at night, to limit the penetration of allergens. Using a purifier (Air Purifier with Aromatherapy and Chromotherapy) with or without air ionization system can help you to prevent allergies. Some even have a special pollen filter. Clean it as often as possible the air filters and all the places where pollen (furniture, ventilation grills, etc.) can be stored.
  4. Remove allergens from clothes or shoes as often as possible; they can accumulate in hair, face or hands and require removal by washing with water.
  5. Clean your nose with nasal solutions with sea water or saline (“saline showers”).
  6. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes against pollen.
  7. Aspirate your home twice a week to effectively remove allergens and wear a mask to avoid inhalation.
  8. Animals should be kept only indoors or outdoors to avoid to bring new allergens in your home.
  9. Limit the contact with irritants (house cleaning solutions, insect sprays, deodorants, cigarette smoke, etc.).
  10. Don’t move to another geographic area, avoid areas with vegetation and it’s preferable to go to sea during allergenic seasons.

Your Legs Can Says A Lot About Your Health- Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

We certainly know that many of the health problems occur long before the symptoms manifest. Often, even if we don’t feel bad, it’s enough to look closely at our body to realize that there is something wrong with us.

Absence of hair on your fingers
For aesthetic reasons, most of us prefer to remove by epilation even the last hair of the body. Obviously, here comes the hair on your fingers and toes. However, the lack of hair on the toes, in the case we have no contribution, may indicate certain health problems. The most important of these is the bad circulation.

Specialists say that the lack of hair on the toes is due to the fact that the heart doesn’t pump enough blood to the feet. Thus, the blood flow to this part of the body, not being strong enough, can’t sustain hair growth.

An abnormal and short-time development of the thumb
If you notice that the big toe from one of the legs has increased too much in a short period of time and, in addition, it’s red, irritated or inflamed, urgently address your doctor. These symptoms tell you about your health that you may have diseases like arthritis or gout.

Numbness in your fingers
A sensation of numbness felt at the level of the big toes is a symptom of diabetes. At the same time, it may be a side effect of chemotherapy. On the other hand, if the numbness is  felt only on one leg, the cause could be a nerve injury.

Pain in the heel
The constant pain in the heel can be a symptom of plant fasciitis, a disorder that manifests itself by breaking or stretching the plant fascia – the fibrous membrane that extends from the heel to the base of the fingers.

Desquamation and itching
The skin on your legs is very exfoliated and even is falling? Causes may be, in happy cases, foot fungus, a fungal infection that can be treated with special ointments or, more severely, psoriasis, a situation that require medical consultation and supervision for the rest of your life.

Yellowish nails
Often, yellowish nails are associated with aging, but they can also be a symptom of fungal infections. Yellowing of the nails appear at women who use nail polish all the time.

How To Gain Weight In A Natural Way

It may seem like a paradox, but many women would like to gain some extra weight. When you have too little kilograms, it’s the same bad feeling like when you have extra kilograms, because you don’t feel good with your body.

A diet plan

First of all, you will need to have a special nutrition plan for “fattening”. This doesn’t mean three meals a day at fast food, but a nutrition that will help you to gain some weight in a healthy and natural way. You just have to consume a big amount of calories. Target to six meals a day, in order to use your stomach with high food volume. If you’re wondering how big your portions should be, try to eat more than a person who is trying to lose weight. If you take a lot of snacks. Don’t be afraid of foods rich in calories, such as olives, chocolate or cakes.

A special fitness program for your body

It’s a myth that people are going to gym just to lose weight, you can also go to gym to gain weight. Ask a fitness instructor to build a special program for you, in order to develop muscle mass that doesn’t require aerobic effort.

Don’t train too much

You won’t develop your muscular mass if you get exhausted by lifting weights. Fitness sessions have to be short and focused and don’t forget to take rest breaks between sets of exercises. Use weights that “provoke you”, but they shouldn’t be heavier than you can handle. Properly used techniques are essential for your progress.


Once you’ve decided to gain weight, train only Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so your muscles have time to relax and grow. Even cardio-vascular exercises should be performed periodically, so your muscular system has time to recover after exercise.

Benefits Of Lifting Up Your Legs for 20 Minutes Every Day

This exercise is a real therapy and has a lot of benefits for our health. Just think of how much effort the heart exerts to pump the blood to reach the extremities, and the process of returning blood to the feet. Because of this, varices often occur. This exercise will make you feel better and will make your feet to get a harmonious form.

  • to sit in a correct position, put a pillow under the spin
  • lift your legs and support them against the wall. The hands should stand beside the body, relaxed
  • stay about 20 minutes in this position
  • wear commode clothes while doing this exercise

5 advantages of this technique

1. Reduce swelling of the legs

Poor circulation causes swelling of the feet. This can also be caused by excess of weight, kidney, heart, unhealthy eating, and some medications. To remove the cause, you first have to discover it. Raising the legs contributes to the normal circulation of fluids in the body.When you get home, lift your legs up, while you’re standing on the wall.

2.Treat the restless leg syndrome

This method removes the tension from the feet, from the soles to the thighs. Change your feet position for 20 minutes to make them healthy.

3. Improves digestion

If you keep your feet above the head, then the body releases fluid retention and improves digestion.This position also restores inner balance and treats constipation.

4.Relax the nervous system

This exercise restores breathing. Also, this exercise has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and lowers the tension in the area of ​​the temples, the throat and the abdomen.

5. Provides psychic peace

Do this exercise every day. For psychic and physical silence, you only need 20 minutes.You will see how your body will fill with harmony, energy and peace.

Why You Should Never Eat Food From Styrofoam Food Containers

When you order food or when you ask for take away food, you get it in styrofoam food containers. Today you will find out why you should never eat food from these packages.

What you didn’t know was that these casseroles contain a substance that is resistant to fat and fluoride, chemicals that can affect the grow of an embryo or a small baby. Center for Disease Control and Prevention claims that using these casseroles can lead to: growth changes, behavioral changes, learning difficulties, decreased fertility, hormonal problems, high cholesterol and cancer risk.

The amount of substance entering the body depends on the temperature of the food, the type of food and the length of time the food was kept in styrofoam containes.

If you can’t avoid fast food or home delivery, try to find restaurants that deliver in paper or even glass packaging.

This Only 2 Ingredients Drink Can Treat 100 Diseases

It’s necessary to drink one teaspoon of this drink three times a day and try to drink it for one month. The process can be repeated after six months. I’m sure all people who care about their health will want to consume it every day, from the moment they will realize that this drink is a miraculous one.

The benefits it offers, combined with the the healing power, make it a natural remedy for many of the diseases that represent major problems today.

Moreover, this drink is useful for removing salts from organism, improving the vital functions of the body, cleaning the blood and strengthening the immune system, blood vessels and heart.

This combination also removes excess of fat and improves metabolism. It can be used for inflammation and will clean the body from harmful deposits. The best of all this is that you can enjoy the beneficial effects of this drink, at a very low price and with two ingredients that you have in the house: garlic and wine.


  • 12 cloves of garlic
  • ½ liter of red wine


– Clean the garlic and put it in a glass jar. Cut each clove in four parts before adding it.

– Pour half a liter of red wine over the garlic.

– Close the container and leave it on a sunny side of the window for two weeks.

– Shake the jar, two or three times a day.

– After two weeks, squeeze the liquid and put it in a dark glass bottle.

You should drink 1 teaspoon, three times a day and do this for a month. The process can be repeated after six months.

The effects will be amazing!

7 Health Benefits Of Eating Cherries

When the summer comes, we already know that we’re going to eat a lot of cherries. Here are the benefits of one of the most beloved summer fruits!

1. Cherries are full of antioxidants
Cherries are a powerful source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. These are cell guards for the immune system and eliminate chronic diseases – including heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and obesity.

2. Protection against diabetes
The anti-inflammatory effect of cherries helps you maintain your health; but, moreover, cherries have a smaller glycemic index than other fruits. This means that it doesn’t trigger accidents in the blood sugar and insulin levels.

3. A healthy sleep
Cherries are one of the few sources of natural melatonin, a hormone that helps to control your sleep cycles. A study of men and women with insomnia found that compared to a placebo, a little cherry juice in the morning and again one hour to two hours before bedtime increased sleep time by one hour and 24 minutes.

4. Ease arthritis
Several studies have suggested that cherry consumption is beneficial for people suffering from osteoarthritis. Introducing cherries or cherry juice into the diet can help you to reduce joint pain.

5. Reduce the risk of gout attacks
Over 8 million adults in the U.S. suffers from gout. This inflammatory arthritis is triggered when a residual product called uric acid crystallizes in the joints, causing pain and swelling. In a study, gouty patients who had consumed cherries for two days (both fresh fruit and cherry juice) had a 35% lower risk of gout attack than those who didn’t eat cherries.

6. Control cholesterol
Research has shown that cherry juice consumption can help lower total cholesterol, including the “bad” type, known as LDL. This is essential because a 1% reduction in cholesterol reduces the risk of heart disease by 2%.

7. Reduces post-exercise pain
Cherries protect against cellular usage and help support muscle recovery. For this reason, cherry juice is popular among professional and competitive athletes.

Why Is It Bad To Eat Melon At Night And Its Side Effects

Melon is a real blessing, especially in this season, when high temperatures make us more selective to food, but also to consume more liquid to hydrate our body. Melon is one of the fruits that anyone consumes in the summer, regardless of region and country. It has been cultivated since ancient times for thousands of years, and evidence of its planting exists in ancient Egypt. It seems that it is a moment of the day when you it’s not recommended to consume melon. Find out when and why!

It bloating you – Although there are no serious complications that melons can produce, we can talk about a few inconveniences that may occur. Bloating is one of the negative aspects that watermelon can cause if you eat it around sleeping time, and this is due to the fact that it is most often consumed immediately after dinner. In general, fruits should be eaten only on an empty stomach.

You will have stomach pain – Too much vitamin C that comes from melon, especially during the evening, can cause symptoms such as diarrhea and gastrointestinal discomfort. Also, the lycopene from the composition of this fruit can make you sit all night on the toilet. Try to limit yourself to a few slices of melon in the evening without doing excess!

You feel the need to urinate often – Because over 90% of the watermelon is water, you will feel the need to urinate more often. Thus, you will go many times to the bathroom until all the amount of liquid is removed. Evening urination can be quite unpleasant, especially when you want to get some rest.

You will not sleep properly – Finally, eating watermelon before bedtime can deprive you of significant hours of sleep. Doctors recommend avoiding drinking liquids and and eat fruits before bedtime, because you will not be able to rest. For a sleep without such problems, avoid eating the melon in the evening. Enjoy this fruit at least 3-4 hours before bedtime.

6 Signs You Might Have Telepathic Abilities

Telepathic powers doesn’t just exist in movies, they are real! Last year, I read a study demonstrating that there is communication between people’s minds and that telepathy is real. As I read, I wonder why we do not use this super power, and then I realized how hard it is to get into a space that allows you to implement telepathic powers. Perhaps people deny this process because there is no sufficient evidence to support it and still considers it taboo. Find put some signs that you might have telepathic abilities.

1. You start to dream more, and your dreams come true

You start to dream more and more  often and the details from your seem very real that I you actually start to ask questions: should I have supernatural powers? The culmination is that these details are also found in everyday life. Well, the third eye felt its presence in your life. So I recommend you take care and be alert to small things. Keep a journal and find out what your dreams want to transmit you.

2. Bad overall condition

Increasing the level of pure energy can cause chemical changes in the body. In Sanskrit, this process is called purification. In fact, the body prepares to use the skills that it is not familiar with.

3. Continuous headaches

It happened to you to have more and more frequent headaches on long term? It is possible to have an outflow of energy. The pain is similar to migraine. Put your feet in a bowl of water and you will intensify your energies. You can also use essential oils to both relieve headaches and intensify energy.

4. You change your circle of friends

When you begin to feel the telepathic powers, you will not feel the negative energies so often. If you are in a circle of negative or malicious people, you will be evading immediately. You will need positive, energetic and relaxed people. Your energy and theirs will synchronize, and miracles begin to appear.

5. You will change your priorities

When telepathic powers appears, things that seemed important some time ago, will become insignificant and will replace them with others. You will see the world from another point of view.
So the Universe will contribute, bringing you where you need to be, along with the right people. Have you experienced this kind of change on long term? If so, prepare for evolution!

6. Increases the empathic level

It is possible that the first sign of telepathy can be found in the state of empathy. When you are empathetic, you can feel the feelings of those around you, and so you will absorb the emotions from those around you.

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